Reputation is Earned 

By working harder and smarter Superior Investigations has become the agency of choice for all facts needing to be uncovered or delivered. 

At Superior Investigations we work hard every day to uncover facts . We are resourceful, embrace new technology and utilize old fashion footwork for optimal success when handling a case. What most clients come to learn is finding the right investigative team to work with is almost impossible. Whether it is  lack of experience, communication, coverage or workforce, we understand the challenges most clients and investigation companies face; ultimately this line of work is not for everyone.


We strive to always striving to be the best, find the right talent and create a great work culture to provide our clients the service they expect. 

Aurelia Barajas, CEO/President 

We don't just win clients,

we earn them everyday. 

Aurelia Barajas, President 

Trusted by hundreds of happy customers

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